Nintendo Spotlight@ E3 2017

The first game they showed was Xenoblade Blade Chronicles.the game looks really gret. Then a Kirby game which also looks good. Next they brought up Tsunekazu Ishihara from The Pokemon Company. who talekd about Poken Tournement. But than dropped a bombshell o=and announced that Game Freak is working on a full Pokemon RPG. Then they showed the logo for Metroid Preime 4. They also announced releace dates for the Zelda DLC, and Amiibo of all four champions. The next thing announced was a Yoshi game just called Yoshi. it looks like a traditional Nintendo platformer. it looks like a great game. Rocket … Continue reading Nintendo Spotlight@ E3 2017

Sony E3 2017

By Sam Greenwood Before the confrence even started durring pre-announcments they announced that Underatale has just started. Namco also announced a game for PS4 and its release date Ni No Kuni II: November 10th 2017 Uncharted DLC was announced it looks good The first live announcnont was Monster Hunter Worlds. It looks really good the graphics are really fast even though my stream was lagging. Shadow Of Colossus looks really good I want to play it. releasing 2018. the graphics were deep and fast. Marvel Vs Capcom was next. it looks great I really want to play it. it looks like it going … Continue reading Sony E3 2017

Xbox E3 2017  

Project Scorpio: They are calling scorpio the Xbox One X relateing on November . The console will have HDR, wide colour gamit. Like all Xboxs it will have a great blue ray player but now 4k. I you care it’s water cooled.  Games: The first game they showed off was Froza Motorsport 7. They announced that they are partnering with Porche. They also showed off the Porche 911 GT-2RS on stage. Releasing on October 3rd.  Then they showed off trailers for Metro Exodus and Assassin’s Creed Origins. Origins runs in 4k.  That’s not all but just watch the keynote   Continue reading Xbox E3 2017  

EA Keynote @ E3 2017

The first thing they showed was the trailer for Fifa 18 it looks good. after that they showed a long montage of eSports in Fifa. Than finally showed a trailer for a new game. It’s calles  A Way Out it’s built for for split-screen co-op but can be played online. Its about two guys who are in prison.  The seccond game they showed off was Anthem. Find out more in my article about the Microsoft keymote The next game they showed and the forst in EA Sports was NBA Live 18. You can try it out with a demo coming … Continue reading EA Keynote @ E3 2017

WWDC 2017

By Sam Greenwod Jun 5, 2017 On Monday Apple hosted their WWDC conference (note this is a developers conference so don’t expect new products). But its speculated that apple will announce a Siri speaker like the Amazon Echo. All that we know is they will announce the new software versions. WatchOS OS4 Siri updates (hopefully making Siri becomes useful)\ more branded watch faces updates to activity and workout apps MacOS the name of the new version is High Siera autoplay video blocking you can now use the photos app to edit photos apps New File System AFS (Apple File System) … Continue reading WWDC 2017